The Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL)


The Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL) was founded in 1988 at the Plenary Meeting of Writers Union as Culture Council of Creative Unions. In 1995 it was registered as an association of professional creative organizations “The Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia”. CCUL is comprised of 10 creative unions, and total membership exceeds 3500 individual members.


Aims and Objectives:

  • Participate in the shaping of cultural policies in Latvia;
  • Represent and defend the professional, social and economic rights of those working in creative professions;
  • Cooperate with Ministry of Culture, Parliament committees, national and local institutions in order to promote culture;
  • Delegate representatives for work in consultative committees and expert councils;
  • Coordinate information flow on issues of culture to society and cooperation between disciplines of culture.


International Membership:
Member organization of European Council of Artists (ECA) since 1995.

Contact persons:

Dace Bluķe – Chairman of CCUL
Haralds Matulis – General Secretary of CCUL

Address: Baznīcas Str. 37 - 3, Riga, LV – 1010, Latvia
Phone: +371 67293059

Fax:+ 371 67293059


Home page:


Registration Number: 


Bank account for donations: 
Valsts Kase, (National Treasury)

Delegates serving on the CCUL, representing their respective creative unions

-      Sergejs Ņikiforovs (LAA)

-      Dainis Bērziņš (LAA)

-      Anita Grase (LDS)

-      Inguna Lauce (LDS)

-      Mihails Kopeikins (LDS)

-      Dainis Grīnvalds (LPG)

-      Egīls Šņore (LPG)

-      Lelde Stumbre (LPG)

-      Jaroslavs Šeins (SPAL FIAP)

-      Viesturs Links (SPAL FIAP)

-      Romāns Gerasimovs (SPAL FIAP)

-      Ieva Romānova (LFU)

-      Laima Žurgina (LFU)

-      Gundega Šmite (LCU)

-      Uģis Prauliņš (LCU)

-      Mārtiņš Heimrāts (AUL)

-      Ieva Kolmane (WUL)

-      Daiga Šiliņa - Gaismiņa (LTWA)

-      Rita Bebre (LSU)