Latvian Designers Society (LDS)

Year Founded:

Founded in 1988 as a public organization;

Registered as “Latvian Designers Society” (LDS) in 2005.


Aims and Objectives:

  • Promote the development of design in Latvia and, at a national level, to increase the added value of design in culture and economics, as well further and preserve awareness of the value of design;
  • Facilitate cooperation among Latvian designers, to define and defend their interests and rights.
  • Educate society in general on matters related to design.


Contact persons:

Miks Pētersons – Board Chair LDS



Andrejs Broks



Tēriņu Str. 13, LV-1004, Riga, Latvia


Phone: +371 29536889; +371 29190476

Fax:+ 371 67626640

Home page:


International Memberships:

ICSID (The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design);

ICOGRADA (The International Council of Graphic Design Associations).



240 members active in the following fields of design: interior design, environmental design, advertising design, unique design, industrial design, graphic design, packaging design, virtual graphics and web design, fashion design, textile design, jewellery design, photo design, educational activities in the subjects of design and design theory, journalism.