Latvian Scientists Union (LSU)

Year Founded:

Founded in 1988.


Aims and Objectives:

  • Deal with generally meaningful issues that are of fundamental significance to society and the scientific community at large, actively participate in discussions of scientific in order to develop strategy and policy, and provide expertise in science and science-related issues.
  • Support the implementation of European Union strategies in the science sector in Latvia; strengthen mutual understanding and trust between the scientific community and society in general;
  • Support governmental initiatives focused at helping Latvian scientists who have gone to work abroad return to Latvia.


Contact persons:

Aivars Āboltiņš

Rita Bebre


Akadēmijas Square 1, LV – 1050, Riga, Latvia


Phone:+ 371 67225361

Fax:+ 371 67821153

Home page: www.lza.lv