The Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL) was founded in 1988 at the Plenary Meeting of Writers Union as Culture Council of Creative Unions. In 1995 it was registered as an association of professional creative organizations “The Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia”. CCUL is comprised of 12 creative unions, and total membership exceeds 3500 individual members.

The Council of Creative Unions of Latvia has made an agreement (No. with the Central Financial Contracts Agency for the implementation of the project, which will take place within the framework of the 13.1.4. first selection round of project submissions "Support for professional non-governmental cultural sector organizations" of the specific support goal "Recovery measures in the field of culture".

On the 7th of June the “3B Conference for Creative Associations – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia” organized by the Council of Creative Unions of Latvia took place in Riga, Latvia. Creatives from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia gathered to share their experience, best practices, and discuss the culture policy issues in all three Baltic states.

2018 turned out to be a promising year for Latvian artists – essential initiatives came through in order to protect social rights and improve the financial and professional status of creative persons. Two major improvements are “Law of creative person status and professional creative organizations” and the Support Program of Creative Persons.     

To make information about Latvian artists available to wider audience, since January 2010 we've launched English interface for our Artists database. It contains CV and portfolio information about 3315 Latvian Artists. In the future we are planning to translate the database in English. For the moment we recommend to use any of Translation programms, e.g. Google toolbar, to find out details about artists. Basic information about creative unions and their contacts can be found under appropriate section.