Members of the CCUL

The Council of Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL) was founded in 1988 and covers 12 creative unions and more than 3,000 individual members. CCUL is the largest cultural sector NGO representing professional, social and economic rights and interests of those working in the cultural sector.

Members of the Council of Creative Unions of Latvia:

  • Latvian Composers Union
  • Latvian Designers Society
  • Latvian Scientists Union
  • The Arstists Union of Latvia
  • Latvian Association of Architects
  • Latvia's Theatre Labour Association
  • Latvian Writers' Union
  • The Latvian Filmmakers Union
  • Latvian PHhotographers' Union
  • Association of the Choreographers
  • Latvian Rock Music Association
  • Association of Latvian Art Scientists and Curators

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