Latvian Rock Music Association (LRMA)

Latvian Rock Music Association (LRMA) was founded on March 19, 2017.

LRMA's goal is to create, maintain and popularize a long-lasting and internationally acclaimed cultural environment in Latvia while promoting Latvian rock music as an integral part of the local culture, encouraging Latvian rock music author, performer and band integration in the local and international music and entertainment business markets as well as forming a competitive industry whose main task is to create a quality export product with high added value (rock music).


Aims and Objectives:

  • To create a cultural environment that supports long-lasting growth of Latvian rock music locally and abroad;
  • To help develop professional and competitive Latvian rock musicians and to cultivate their global recognition;
  • To inform the local society of Latvian rock music as a competitive part of the global music industry;
  • To raise awareness of available work and exposure opportunities outside of the country for Latvian rock musicians;
  • To encourage collaboration between foreign and Latvian rock musicians;
  • To inform and educate society that Latvian rock music is an integral part of the Latvian culture;
  • To nurture society's interest in rock music and to encourage participation in the Latvian rock music scene;
  • To help Latvian rock musicians create, formalize, publish, popularize and protect their intellectual property;
  • To represent Latvian rock musician interests in local institutions, business structures and international conferences;
  • To provide informative, social, legal and other help to Latvian rock musicians;
  • To facilitate cooperation of Latvian non-academic music business professionals and the long-term decelopment of the non-academic music field in Latvia.


LRMA currently has 63 members.



Latvian Rock Music Association
Phone: +371 27421111

President – Jānis Bukums

Chairman of the Board – Uģis Glāzītis