Association of the Choreographers

Choreographer’s association is non-governmental organization with over then 50 members – professional dancers, choreographers, critics and producers. It was established in 2003 and was titled as “Contemporary dance choreographers association in Latvia”. Later, in 2016 the organization was re-organized and gain its current title. Organization unites Latvian active and promising contemporary dance artists as well as artists, who established the contemporary dance in Latvia.


Goals and tasks of Choreographer’s association:

  • To support the development of contemporary dance in Latvia and promote Latvian dance community abroad;
  • To support Latvian professional contemporary dance artists’ creativity;
  • To promote and support organization’s members and contemporary dance professional artists  professional development and education;
  • To encourage Latvian and foreign professional contemporary dance artist collaboration and experience exchange;
  • To contribute organization’s collaboration with other art organizations locally and abroad;
  • To conduced the  organizational measures in order to advertise the organization as well as contemporary dance field in Latvia and its artists;
  • To represent and defend the economic, political and social rights and interests of professional contemporary dance choreographers in Latvia.


The tasks of organization ‘’Choreographer’s association’’:

  • Provide regular rehearsal space for contemporary dance artists;
  • To actively promote contemporary dance choreographers, performances, general awareness of contemporary dance industry through the HA social accounts;
  • To use HA social network profiles as communication platforms for communication between members and dance audiences was well as between professionals;
  • To maintain the function - a forum for discussion and exchange of information on issues of importance to the dance industry and cultural policy through participation in the Dance Council of the Ministry of Culture, participation in  LKNVOA, etc .;
  • to research, present and think about the relationship between dance art and the public and the public within the framework of Dance Days and other projects;
  • Provide access to contemporary dance outside of traditional production patterns and market relationships by organizing regional tours, free classes and workshops within the event – Dance Day, etc.;
  • To enhance the sense of dance artist community by offering the HA membership card bonus system - discounts for events organized by other producers, access to medical insurance, discounts in some cafes, etc;
  • To be a supportive platform for independent contemporary dance producers and choreographers to produce performances and events.


Ina Ločmele

Board chairwoman of Association of the Choreographer

+371 29126544 

Klusā St. 23-5, Rīga, LV-1013