The Latvian Filmmakers Union (LFU)

Year Founded:

Founded in 1962 as the “Latvian Filmmakers Union of Latvian SSR”;

Registered as the society “Latvian Filmmakers Union” (LFU) in 2006.


Aims and Objectives:

  • Promote development of Latvian cinematography and unite LFU members under one organization to represent and defend their professional, creative, social and economic interests;
  • Create a bridge between the film community and society in general in order to inform and educate society about the art of Latvian cinema, in order to popularize this art form and make it more accessible;
  • Delegate representatives for work on consultative committees and expert councils; participate in professional international organizations of cinematography.


Contact persons:

Ieva Romanova – Chair, Board of LFU


Elizabetes Str. 49, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia


Phone: + 371 67288537; + 371 67288536; + 371 26440470.

Fax:+ 371 67240543


Home page:


International Memberships:

FERA (La Fédération Européenne des Réalisateurs de l'Audiovisuel);

Confederation of Filmmakers Unions of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and UIC (Union of Independent Countries).



280 members representing the following profiles: directors, cameramen, actors, film critics, historians, film artists, costume and wardrobe artists, make-up artists, directors of animation, artists, animators, playwrights, scriptwriters, sound engineers, directors of editing, producers, and film directors, project managers, program coordinators, composers.