Support Program of Creative Persons. Latvia 2018

2018 turned out to be a promising year for Latvian artists – essential initiatives came through in order to protect social rights and improve the financial and professional status of creative persons. Two major improvements are “Law of creative person status and professional creative organizations” and the Support Program of Creative Persons.     

500 000 euro per year are dedicated for Support Grants given to Creative Persons. An agreement states that this amount will apply also for 2019 and 2020. The money is administered by State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) and Council of Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL).


Criteria to Qualify for a Support Grant

Artistic criteria – applicant has created or performed a work of art in the last 3 years, and has obtained a status of a creative person.

Administrative criteria – in the previous 3 months applicant’s average income is less than ½ of minimum wage. In 2018 minimum wage in Latvia is 430. Therefore, in the previous 3 months the applicant’s total gross (bruto) income is not above 645 euro.

Amount and Type of Support Grants

For period without income (unemployment) – applicant gets 1290 euro (3 months x 430 euro). If after 3 months period the applicant’s income still isn’t above 645 euro – applicant gets another 1290 euro.

For illness support grant – the same income criteria apply to qualify for this grant. But the money one can get is 130 euro.

Pensioners can apply only to cover medicine and communal expenses, in total no more than 1290 euro. They have to submit checks, receipts and bills. Only that amount is compensated.

Process of Application

1. Creative person (or applicant for creative person Status) – submits creative documents to Council of Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL) proving creation or performance of art work during last 3 years, plus CV and other documents. CCUL experts from 8 culture spheres evaluate and give the final ruling. In positive case – the application is sent to SCCF, together with submitted documents. In negative case – legally founded refusal is sent to the applicant.

2. State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) evaluates the administrative criteria – if person’s income in the last 3 month period is less than 645 euro (in total), SCCF communicate with State Revenue Service, and State Social Insurance Agency to get the necessary information. Checks and bills submitted by pensioners are checked for their valid status. The grant is transferred to the applicant in one transaction – 1290 euro.